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Power Protection Equipments


Power Protection, IT Power Distribution, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Batteries and Computer Backup Solutions built to withstand any emergency.

Power is an important topic, especially, in a land as big and as diverse in India.

Power cuts can cause huge loss to you during work in terms of data, money & business. Your IT infrastructure is the key center of your business, handling important data and day-to-day office tasks is very necessary. There are very high chances that your business will suffer a lot in the absence of uninterrupted power supply. You must always take care of your devices and systems to make sure they are always on and available.

KAPADIA INFOTECH is partner for all leading power brands and offering each and every kind of power solutions like of surge protectors, offline and online UPS, CVT, DLC, Batteries & all supporting devices. Our product portfolio of power backup management and cooling solutions enable you to maintain reliability, 24/7 availability and efficiency across your entire IT environment.

Professional-grade Electrical Surge Protection Strips known as Spike Guards for Computers and Electronics – Good brands like Honeywell, Belkin & APC provides the premium level of surge protection for computers and other electronic devices in the event of large electrical surges.

We provide UPS for business supply Electric Power from minutes to hours to your technology, even when there is a power outage. We really recommend you to implement good brand UPS in your Small and Medium Business, Corporate, Data Centers or Industry to maintain an optimal functioning of your business operations.

With numerous ways to power protect and power backup your business, KAPADIA INFOTECH has the ability to provide solutions that is best suitable for your organization.

  • UPS Systems- Offline, Online & Line Interactive
  • Power Stabilizers, DLC, CVT,
  • Power Surge Protectors, Spike Guards
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Invertors/Home Power Products
  • DC /Power Batteries
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